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Steel Scrolling

It's emotion, desire, drive, vision, commitment, pain, pleasure, intensity, and ultimately creating one of a kind works of art that tell an incredible tale of a personal war with each piece steel.

Look closely at these sculptures and you'll see the scares of battle, however what you don't see are the scares in the flesh of the sculptor. Both artist and subject inflict wounds to each other throughout the process adding to the intrigue and the unique story told by every piece.

When you add these works to your collection you'll be acquiring a stunning design that cannot be duplicated which goes beyond a mere beautiful creation, but depicts the story of man verses his adversary and and what it takes to rise victorious!  

About The Artist

Chris Rider with hand bent steel sculptureChris Rider is a sculptor, international speaker and a professional performing strongman.

Chris' work is the result of a creative eye and his incredible strength - as each sculpture is uniquely individual and is bent by hand, without the aid of heat or tools.

As a professional performing strongman and international speaker, Chris travels across the Unites States and internationally to deliver his message of overcoming the odds and believing in oneself. After sustaining severe back injuries in the fall of 2002, he became more driven than ever to achieve his goals in physical training. Now he shares his story and tells how he changed his mindset to overcome these obstacles. During his presentations, Chris demonstrates his incredible strength feats that have propelled him to the top of his field, being declared in 2008 "one of the strongest men on this planet" for the things he does!

He is a protege of Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers and has been greatly influenced by the work of Master Steel Scroller Erik Vining and the legendary Slim "The Hammer Man" Farman. For more on Chris Rider the Strongman, visit www.strongmanchrisrider.com.

Chris sat down with Willa Lefever of Sonnewald Natural Foods for an interview on her radio show "Sundays with Sonnewald". To listen to Chris' interview with Willa click here.


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